FB Events offers many types of lighting from uplighting, monogram projection, intelligent lighting, special effects, and more. The lighting we use is all L.E.D and the most advanced. Our up-lighting is completely wireless allowing us endless possibilities to create the perfect setting. FB Events uses computer based programming with our intelligent lighting allowing us the total control to program scenes specifically for the event. All of our lighting packages can be personally customized to suit your needs and budget.
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Imagine you and your guests dancing the night away under the night sky. FB Events uses the latest laser technology to create a star and night sky effect on the ceiling of your event space. This is great lighting effect for low ceilings and tented event spaces.
The Night Sky
Looking for that special way to exit your reception? Book the FB Events sparklers!! Guests are handed a sparkler and form as tunnel as you exit through the bright flashing lights!!
Uplighting has become the must have for elegant and unique events. Have the walls or columns of your event space accented with the color of your choice. The FB Events uplighting is the most sophisticated lighting fixtures on the market today. We use wireless, remote controlled fixtures which allows the ability to change and create different scenes throughout the event.
Looking to turn your next event into a club? We offer the most advanced intelligent lighting options similar to ones used in the clubs of Boston,Las Vegas, New York, and Miami.

Our intelligent lighting is all L.E.D and computer controlled. We are able to create many types of scenes to match your style!
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Intelligent Lighting